Dentures vs. Implants: advantages and disadvantages

Many people want to know whether they need implants or a denture assuming that they are totally different treatments, however, they usually go hand in hand since an implant will have a false tooth. On the other hand, a denture may not require implants for its use. 

Below we will explain in more detail the characteristics of each to clarify the information.

Differences between traditional dentures and dental implants 

The aesthetic level usually varies: both usually imitate in a very natural way the finish of the teeth, either tone, shape, and texture, however, it is more common that the teeth created for independent implants achieve a greater naturalness. 

Comfort: an implant is always fixed to the bone and the fact that it does not have to be removed makes patients feel more comfortable, unlike removable dentures, which must be removed when sleeping. 

Duration: dentures usually last between 7 to 10 years while implants, with proper care, can last a lifetime. 

As you will see, we are comparing implants with traditional dentures, where the major disadvantage is usually that they must be removed and this makes both comfort and hygiene more difficult to perform. 

We make this comparison to remember that actually an implant will always have a prosthesis that will mimic the tooth and this will be fixed to the jaw bone. 

Dental implants have reached a high level of success due to the security that the patient feels, however, it will always be your dentist who will determine the best option for your particular case, we must also remember that prices usually vary from one treatment to another.

Let’s know the different types of prosthesis

Complete dentures: These are removable and are normally used when you no longer have any teeth. 

Supported complete dentures: As long as the dentist diagnoses that the bone and gums are viable for treatment, this type of prosthesis is nailed and supported by implants.

Removable metal prostheses: They only cover a few teeth because the patient still has part of his or her teeth. They tend to be supported by metal clasps and exert pressure on the bone. 

Most common materials in the use of implants 

Titanium: Metal that despite its hardness tends to be light and moldable.

Zirconium: White color and ceramic material of great hardness. 

Where can I get implants and dentures in Phoenix, Arizona? 

Come to Somos Dental, here we are waiting for you with expert and affordable orthodontists to attend your particular case and determine which is the best option for you. 

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