Do you floss? Reasons why you should use it daily

A dental floss is a health tool rarely mentioned in commercials and series, so it is more common than most people only resort to the use of toothbrushes and toothpaste, however, the reality is that dental floss represents a large part of our oral hygiene. 

We must remember that although one way to give ourselves self-hygiene is to swallow food well and move it with the tongue, dental floss reaches areas that are impossible for us to reach by ourselves. That’s why today we have more reasons for you to decide to use this amazing tool. 

Main reasons to floss

Avoid cavity treatments: Many of the interproximal cavities are generated by the lack of cleaning between teeth, in addition to this type of cavities are the most difficult to detect, require more invasive treatment, and therefore more expensive, in turn, it should be noted that it is the number 1 cause of dental root canals.

Avoid bleeding gums: Bleeding gums is mainly due to one reason: inflammation and this happens when bacteria are present, where the way to remove them is by flossing. 

However, if these bacteria have already formed tartar, you have to go for a professional deep cleaning so that the dentist removes the tartar. Once this is done, your job is to floss to prevent it from forming again.

Beliefs that keep people from flossing 

Having very tight spaces between the teeth where the floss does not fit: Even if this is your case, there is much thinner and more flexible dental floss, for more information on which is the most suitable floss you can have a consultation with your dentist, he will be able to advise you on this issue in this regard.

Not having time: This is not a very valid or credible pretext, we are not telling you to floss three times a day, but at least use it before going to sleep for which it will only require 3 minutes of your time, we are sure that the health of your teeth is worth it.

Laziness: If this is a reason why you don’t floss your teeth, you have a huge problem because not flossing can lead to interdental caries. At that point, you will have to invest a lot of time on your part to solve it, so it is better to be safe than lazy.

Believing that the teeth will separate: This could not be more wrong, flossing not only does not separate your teeth but prevents them from separating in the future because there will no longer be food between your teeth and your gums will not become inflamed.

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