Home remedies for a toothache

A toothache is something that every person has experienced at least once in their lifetime. This is since over 90% of adults have had some form of tooth decay in their lives, which tends to be one of the main causes of toothache.

However, basic toothaches not always require strong painkillers, since there are home remedies that can treat basic toothaches. This will give you some relief so you have time to decrease the pain until you can visit the dentist.

That is why in this blog article we are going to list different home remedies to kill a toothache fast.

Cold compress

A cold compress is a virtually free and well-known home remedy for toothache. A cold compress is also effective for any kind of pain that a person can experience. For this, you need to use an ice pack or just put some ice in a bag and wrap it with a thin cloth.

Once you have your cold compress ready you need to place it on the aching tooth for 15 minutes to numb the tooth nerves; this will stop, decrease, and even eliminate the tooth pain. it is important that you visit

Peppermint tea

Some people do not like the cold sensation of ice being placed for a prolonged time in their mouths. That is why if you prefer a hot sensation, you can try brewing some tea. However, we do not talk about any tea, since peppermint tea specifically has numbing properties that can calm a toothache quickly.

For this, you will need to add one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves (tea bags also work!) to a cup of boiling water and let it brew for 20 minutes, then rinse your mouth with clean water. A downside of this home remedy is that this is only a temporary pain reliever, so you will need to schedule a dentist appointment to take a closer look at the cause of the toothache.

Home remedies for a toothache

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another popular home remedy for toothache. It is known for reducing plaque, but hydrogen peroxide can also heal bleeding gums and kill bacteria.

You will need to mix 3% hydrogen peroxide with equal parts water, but be careful to not swallow it! Once that you spit it out of your mouth with it you will need to rinse your mouth with pure water a few times.


Clove is a popular spice. However, clove is also known for its healing properties. You can just lightly bite down a piece of clove near the affected area to release its oil, it should be enough to decrease the pain and inflammation.

Where to have a toothache checked in the Phoenix Metro area?

If you have a toothache, you can try some of the former home remedies until you get to visit your dentist. However, as just stated, you must visit your dentist if you have a persistent toothache since it usually means that there can be an underlying problem that can cause more serious problems down the road.

Therefore, if you have had a persistent toothache, you can visit us at Somos Dental. In Somos Dental we can diagnose the cause of any toothache, so we can fix the problem before it becomes too big.

You can contact us through our phone number 623-233-0066, through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and by filling our online form, which includes a free diagnostic appointment. In Somos Dental we have dental offices in Downtown Phoenix, Camelback, Laveen, Desert Sky Mall, Mesa, and Avondale.

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