Painless Wisdom Teeth Removal. At what age should I remove them?

Before clarifying how a painless wisdom teeth removal can be achieved, let’s understand these types of teeth. Wisdom teeth (also called third molars), are the last teeth that come out in a person. They are called wisdom teeth since they generally come out around the ages of 18 and 22, once a person becomes “wise” by age. However, sometimes wisdom teeth can bring problems and complications to a person’s health. These problems can be diagnosed with the use of X-rays by the dental surgeon or the maxillofacial doctor who handles the case. In this article we will talk about wisdom teeth, when to remove them, and the benefits of removing your wisdom teeth for a special price of only $999 in Somos Dental.


Do all people have wisdom teeth?

No. Not all people develop wisdom teeth. An X-ray diagnosis can help diagnose cases of people without wisdom teeth. In Somos Dental you can get free X-ray tests to verify if you need to extract your wisdom teeth.

When is wisdom teeth removal recommended?

It is better to remove wisdom teeth before the age of 21, as the procedure and recovery is easier for the patient. It is also recommended to extract them at that age to avoid any future problems that can be caused by unattended wisdom teeth, such as the following:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation and irritation of the gums
  • Infection of the area (periodontitis)
  • Crowding of teeth

Does it hurt to extract wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth removal is a surgical procedure that is carried out under anesthesia. That is why the procedure does not generate any pain. Once the wisdom teeth are removed, pain relievers and other medications will be prescribed to help combat pain and any other complications arising from the procedure. Therefore, if the patient follows the recovery indications, there will be no noticeable pain during the procedure nor the recovery time.

Is wisdom teeth extraction expensive?

Since it is a surgical procedure, wisdom teeth extraction can be expensive in some places. However, in Somos Dental we have a special promotion for the diagnosis, planning and extraction of all four wisdom teeth for only $ 999 in patients under 21 years of age. Avoid future dental problems and remove your wisdom teeth before it’s too late.

Where to remove wisdom teeth in the Metro Phoenix area?

Removing wisdom teeth in time can help prevent future dental problems. Wisdom teeth removal is a procedure that can only be performed by dental surgeons and maxillofacial doctors. In Somos Dental we have dental surgeons specialized in wisdom teeth extraction surgery. You can contact us through text messages (SMS), Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or by our phone number 623-232-0089. You can also fill out our online form for a free first diagnostic appointment. In Somos Dental we have 5 locations throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area: Mesa, Desert Sky, Camelback and Downtown. In Somos Dental we also care about the health of our clients, that’s why we have taken strict sanitation and disinfection measures for surfaces and environments as prevention against the new Coronavirus (Covid-19). 

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