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When pre-paying your braces you get a $50 Walmart Gift Card for your school supplies!


Dental Braces for $99 a month at Somos Dental


We have the most affordable braces in Arizona. You can get braces with us on a payment plan, just $100 as a down payment and then monthly payments. Total regular cost is $3,500, including retainers.
You can also save $1,000 by prepaying all of your treatment upfront in 1 payment of $1,999 and you pay your retainers ($500) at the end of your treatment!



Our simple tooth extractions start at $149, molar extractions start at $200, and wisdom teeth extractions start at $250. These prices are without insurance and paying-in-full. Price can vary depending on each patient's complexity and insurance plans. Many times we are able to do the procedure the same day but we cannot guarantee it.


Cosmetic Crowns will help your teeth look beautiful and get stronger with a great crown. Our cosmetic crowns start at $599 when paying in full and without insurance. Price can vary based on the insurance plan. We also offer discounts if you need several cosmetic crowns.

Basic Dental Cleaning for $60 at Somos Dental


It's important to keep your teeth clean and healthy. You need to make sure to come at least every 6 months for basic dental cleaning, and we offer it for only $60. In most cases we can do the cleaning on the same visit. We are not able to provide a basic cleaning if patients are diagnosed with period bacteria and require a deep dental cleaning.

Deep Cleaning at Somos Dental


We have the best price for Deep Dental Cleanings for only $500. This price is without insurance and paying in full. We also offer payment plans and the price varies when dental insurance is used. In most cases, we can start the cleaning on the first appointment and complete it on the second appointment.

Simple Filling at Somos Dental


Our dental fillings start at $99 when paying in full and without insurance. The price can vary based on the size needed for the filling, the tooth type, and also the insurance plan. In most cases, we can get your filings done in your first appointment!


We have dental implants available if you need them! We offer competitive pricing and also payment options, as well as financing. You can now achieve your beautiful smile and not have to deal with dental bridges or dentures! Make your appointment for a FREE Consultation today!


Our Root Canals start at $599 for regular teeth and $799 for molars. These prices are without insurance and paying in full. It doesn't include your crown and we also payment plans available. Make an appointment for a Free Consultation today!

PPO Dental Insurance that we accept

Don't see your insurance? Call us! 623-869-1091


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