Why are they called wisdom teeth?

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If you have ever experienced pain from a wisdom tooth, thus, you are probably thinking, why are they called wisdom teeth, and why do we develop if they just need to be removed? 

For instance, they are formally known as the third moral, but their nickname “wisdom teeth” is much more commonly used.

In particular, when you hear about the third moral, the first thing you think is getting them removed, however, there are some reasons behind their name. 

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What is a wisdom tooth?

A wisdom tooth is part of a set of third morals that generally appear between the ages of 17 and 25. 

Besides, it is generally thought that the third morals erupt when a person starts adulthood, also there are a few different ideas as to why we have these molars:

  • These teeth come from our ancestors that had longer jaws and could accommodate this extra tooth.
  • We would require this tooth to erupt in the past to replace a tooth we would have lost.

Indeed, the reason why these morals have the most notoriety is due to the fact that so many of us have had them out.

Why are wisdom teeth called wisdom teeth?

It is generally thought that they have this nickname because they emerge at an age when a person matures and is “wiser”.

To illustrate, these teeth are known as las muelas del juicio, or the teeth of judgment”, which is mostly the same idea but with a slight difference.

As well as, there is no association between the teeth themselves and wisdom, certainly, we no longer need them and they tend to cause some problems. 

Regardless of why they call them wisdom teeth, these late molars will most likely need to be extracted if they appear.

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Importance of a tooth extraction

Now that you know why wisdom teeth are called wisdom teeth, then it’s a good moment to think about getting them removed.

Moreover, there are common issues associated with the third moral, for example, infection, impaction, tooth crowding, and pain.

Also, tooth extraction hurts less than you imagine, and has a lot of benefits. 

In addition, Somos Dental has the most affordable wisdom tooth extraction in Phoenix.

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