All you need to know about clear ceramic braces

If you came to this article it is probably because you were recommended to use ceramic brackets due to their increasing popularity and you want to know everything about them. 

First of all, we would like to clarify that the demand for this type of brackets is indeed soaring compared to metal brackets because they are more esthetic as they imitate the real color of a denture, so at first glance, they are not as easily perceived as traditional brackets. 

Now that you know the reason for your fame, it is time to answer the main questions that patients like you usually have who want to know more about this orthodontic treatment. 

Are ceramic brackets good?

Yes, ceramic brackets are an excellent orthodontic option. And so that you have a full comparison of their possible pros and cons, and can make a decision according to your case, we have created the following comparison chart for you. 

– They are cheaper than Invisalign.-They are more aesthetic than metal brackets.-They work as well as other orthodontic options.- They are more expensive than metal brackets.- They are more fragile than other options.- They tend to stain if the patient does not follow strict hygiene measures.- They can cause gum sensitivity.– They are more expensive than metal brackets.- They are more fragile than other options.- They tend to stain if the patient does not follow strict hygiene measures.- They can cause gum sensitivity.

Are ceramic brackets better than other options?

Some patients often tell us that ceramic brackets have been their best option. However, making the decision to use them will depend on your specific needs, such as budget, cleaning habits, etc. So even though you read that ceramic braces are popular and more affordable than Invisalign braces, we recommend that you discuss with your dentist if this is the best option for you.

Do ceramic brackets stain?

Yes, but that only happens if the patient does not take care of them. The elastics used to attach the brackets to the wire can stain and take on a yellowish color. Therefore, you should keep in mind the following tips to avoid any staining:

Brush after every meal and floss daily.

Avoid consuming foods and beverages that may cause staining.

Do not smoke.

Visit your orthodontist regularly. 

How much do they cost?

As stated, ceramic braces tend to be more expensive than metal braces (but are less expensive than Invisalign treatment). The cost of these depends on where you are located. In Arizona, ceramic braces can range from $4,000 to $8,000; however, at Somos Dental we have special pricing for ceramic and metal braces, you can call us or schedule a free appointment here to find out which is the best option for your case.

Are they faster?

It depends. They work faster than Invisalign, but some studies have shown that they sometimes work a little slower than traditional metal braces. However, they actually work at about the same time as traditional metal braces, so don’t expect any major setbacks.

Where do I find a place to get my orthodontic treatment in the Phoenix metro area?

If you are looking for a place to get your orthodontic treatment, you can come to Somos Dental. At Somos Dental we offer different orthodontic treatment options for each patient’s needs. You can contact us by calling our number 623-321-2109 or by filling out our online form which includes a free first appointment. Come to any of our six locations in Downtown Phoenix, Mesa, Camelback, Avondale, Desert Sky Mall, and Laveen to finally get the smile of your dreams.

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