Deep Cleaning of Teeth: What It Is & Signs You Might Need One

We all have been in a situation where we know we need our teeth cleaned, but how do you know if you need a normal cleaning or a deep cleaning of your teeth?

This blogpost is aimed to answer that exact question.

There are multiple levels of procedures that a dentist can do for you, from surface level cleaning and examining all the way to complex teeth procedures and surgeries. It all depends on the specific needs of every patient.

What is Deep Cleaning?

To understand what deep cleaning is, first we need to know it’s simpler version: surface level cleaning.

As the name suggests, surface level cleaning focuses on the surface of your teeth. Mostly is about removing plaque and tartar from your teeth. It pays very little attention to the gums on your teeth.

In the other hand, deep cleaning of teeth does everything a basic cleaning does but goes one step further: in between your teeth and your gums.

There is a pocket area in between your teeth and your gums, this space in your mouth is prone to the accumulation of plaque, since most toothbrushes can’t reach there.

This procedure requires a minimum of two visit and a follow up may be necessary to confirm that your gums and teeth are healthy.

Is it Necessary? 

Yes! in some cases.

The long answer is more complicated. Deep cleaning of your teeth is a special procedure that you should have in some specific circumstances.

In most cases, if your teeth and gums are healthy (this needs to be evaluated by your doctor) normal cleaning is more than enough. It’s even recommended to have your teeth cleaned twice a year.

In the other hand if you have problems such as periodontal disease or you have tartar accumulated beneath the gumline it is completely necessary to have your teeth deep cleaned.

Keep reading to find out if you might need deep cleaning!

Does it Hurt?

Deep cleaning of the teeth involves teeth scaling and root planing, that can cause some discomfort. Of course, every person is different and everyone has their own pain threshold.

To mitigate the discomfort, you can ask your doctor to do the procedure with local anesthetic to numb your gums.

After the treatment your teeth and gums may feel sensible, you might experience gum swelling and minor bleeding.

Signs you might need Deep Cleaning of Teeth.

As we mentioned before, deep cleaning is necessary when you have some kind of gum disease, the thing is that gum disease doesn’t always show symptoms.

The next time you visit your doctor you can ask if you are eligible for deep cleaning.

Of course, that’s not all, there might be some symptoms to be aware of. These include:

  • Bleeding or red gums
  • Puffy and Tender Gums
  • Bad Breath (even after brushing your teeth)
  • Unpleasant taste in your mouth
  • receding gums.

Keep an eye out for these symptoms.

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