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With dental X-rays, your dentist can spot early problems regarding your mouth, gums, teeth, and jaw. These radiographs use low levels of radiation, so some people get skeptical when they get to hear the word “radiation“, which is why in this blog we will cover the basics for dental X-rays and their safety.

Are safe?

Yes. Even when X-rays do use certain levels of radiation, they are so low that they do not bring any danger to patients. There is even a new technology that does expose patients to even way less radiation.

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, so even if you were to take 100 back-to-back X-rays in our dental offices, there would be no danger at all for you or your relative’s health. Even when we have modern equipment, at Somos Dental we still think about our new patient’s economy and offer free X-rays for new patients who either fill our online form or call us at our number to make an appointment.

Can dental X-rays cause cancer?

No. The radiation that you get exposed to from digital or even traditional X-rays is so low that it does not pose any risks of developing cancer.


X-rays are relatively safe even during pregnancy. The probability of danger to the unborn child is so low that there are not even registered cases of pregnant women having issues from dental X-rays. 

Are necessary?

Yes, but not so often as we used to think about. Routinary X-rays should only be done every 2-3 years; however, if your certified dentist sees something wrong with your mouth health then they are completely necessary.

When do I need?

As stated above, you will need routine X-rays every two or three years if you do not have any dental issues. However, a dentist will take X-rays when he or she notices an issue that needs a closer look.

Are dental X-rays covered by insurance?

Some insurance companies do cover X-rays and other dental treatments, but every insurance company is different. You can call your insurance company and ask about the coverage of X-rays and other dental treatments or you can also come to a place where you will get free diagnostic tests, such as Somos Dental.

Where to get dental X-rays in the Phoenix Metro area?

We offer a free first diagnostic appointment that also includes free X-rays for new patients who fill our online form or call us at 623-745-268, you can also find us at any of our six locations at Downtown Phoenix, Mesa, Camelback, Desert Sky Mall, Laveen, and Avondale. Give us a call if you want to achieve a perfect smile!

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