Everything you need to know about the dental deep-cleaning procedure

What is a dental deep cleaning procedure?

Deep cleaning (also called SRP or scaling and root planing) is a dental procedure that consists of cleaning the teeth below the gum line to prevent or treat ongoing gum diseases. This procedure generally takes two appointments to complete, but it is necessary to improve oral health in certain patients. 

It is important to get this treatment done since it will prevent further dental infections and tooth loss if done in time. At Somos Dental we know how important it is to take care of a patient’s gums and overall oral health, that is why we present the following information about the dental deep cleaning procedure.

How to know if I need a deep dental cleaning?

During a regular checkup appointment, your dentist can diagnose gum problems using X-rays and periodontal charting. If your dentist sees anything wrong with your gums, then he will recommend the SRP procedure. It is important to take X-rays at least once a year to check for interdental cavities and tartar under your gums. Dental probing is also important to measure the space between the gums and the teeth in millimeters. If the space between them exceeds 5 millimeters, then your dentist can start thinking about dental deep cleaning treatment.

Symptoms of gum diseases

According to the American Dental Association, some symptoms for gum diseases, which may indicate the need for  deep dental cleaning, are the following:

·         Swollen or red gums.

·         Chronic bad breath.

·         Gum recession. 

·         Gum bleeding.

·         Loose teeth.

What is the procedure like?

After knowing that you need a scaling and root planning procedure you may be wondering what to expect from it. Therefore, the steps to be expected from a scaling and root planing procedure are the following:

Diagnosis. This is where your dentist sees that deep dental cleaning is the best procedure for your case. As stated above, this is done with X-rays and periodontal charting.

Anesthesia. In this step, there is local anesthesia or numbing gel applied to prevent any pain from the procedure.

Ultrasonic and hand scaling. Your dentist will use ultrasonic and hand tools to clean the tartar from your teeth.

Antibiotics or irrigation. If you have a bigger infection your dentist will place antibiotic capsules or prescribe irrigation solutions to get it under control.


What to expect after a deep dental cleaning procedure?

Since it is not surgery, the aftercare for this procedure is not difficult or uncomfortable at all; however, you still need to follow your dentist instructions that may include the following:

·         Do not eat until the numbness has stopped.

·         Avoid certain foods after the procedure.

·         Use painkillers and antibiotics as prescribed.

·         Rinse with saltwater.

Are deep cleanings expensive?

Deep cleanings tend to be expensive procedures. However, at Somos Dental you can get a special price for the whole treatment. You can call us at 623-745-2683 or by filling our online form, which includes a free first appointment and X-rays diagnosis. You can also find us at any of our six locations at Downtown Phoenix, Avondale, Camelback, Mesa, Desert Sky Mall, and Laveen. 

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