Give style to your smile with these braces color ideas

Give style to your smile with these braces color ideas

Some patients know well before starting to wear braces which colors they will be choosing. However, this is a more difficult decision for other patients since they may be already thinking about different bracket color ideas or may not have any idea at all. We know that choosing colors can be an important part of the orthodontics process, which is why we write this new article showing different color ideas that you can get with your braces from Somos Dental!

What do braces colors say about you?

Braces colors say a lot about someone’s personality. Each color sends a different message to the people around you. The colors people wear is a complex subject that is studied in the field of color psychology. That is why we gathered the most important information about the psychology of dental braces’ color, explaining what each specific color conveys or means to other people.


Red is the color of passion. Red attracts attention and conveys strong emotions, such as love, vitality, and anger. Red is used to represent power, youth, strength, courage, and danger.


Orange is the color of encouragement. It also conveys the feelings of a socially open and fun person. Orange is also a youthful color, which sends a message of strong vitality and high energy.


Yellow is the color of happiness. People who choose yellow for their dental braces convey feelings of happiness and energy. Like the sun, people who wear yellow are people who shine everywhere they go.


Pink is a popular color among our female patients. This is since pink is the color of femininity; it conveys feelings of tenderness and kindness.


Blue is a popular color between both genders. It conveys feelings of peace, loyalty, and responsibility. People who wear blue braces are usually responsible and calm. It is a good color for people of all age ranges.


Green is the color of life. Green is used to convey feelings of peace and abundance. It is a popular color in patients of all age ranges.


Purple is a spiritual color. Usually, introverted and reserved patients wear purple since it is a color that conveys reflection and self-awareness in people.


Black is the color of formality. Black is popular among our adult patients since it is a color that conveys feelings of maturity and order.


White is the color of purity. White is chosen by patients who are ordered, clean, and calm. It is also a popular color among all age ranges.

Give style to your smile with these braces color ideas

Can I choose different color combinations?

Yes. With your orthodontics treatment in Somos Dental, you can choose up to two different braces colors. You can also change your colors at every follow-up appointment; this leaves a big space for experimenting with different colors until you find the ones that fit you the best.

Where can I get dental braces in the Phoenix Metro area?

If you are looking for braces color ideas, the chances are that you are also looking for a place to get your braces in the Phoenix Metro Area in Arizona. If this is the case, you can come to Somos Dental. In Somos Dental, we are known as the best affordable place to get your high-quality dental braces treatment. If you want to know the best dental plan for your specific case, you can schedule a free diagnostic appointment by filling our online form. You can also contact us through our phone number 623-745-2424, or by our other contact options, such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and even through SMS. You can find us in any of our six different locations through the Phoenix Metro Area in Phoenix Downtown, Desert Sky Mall, Mesa, Laveen, Camelback, and Avondale. Get your dental braces now and get your so dreamt smile once and for all!

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