How much do dental crowns cost?

A dental crown is a covering that is placed over a tooth to improve its aesthetical appearance when a tooth gets chipped, fractured, or broken.

The cost varies depending on the dental clinic, however, it is usually between $1,000 and $1,500. It should also be remembered that with the change of year prices usually rise, so the costs for 2021 could rise up to 5%.

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When is a dental crown needed?

It is needed when the tooth’s natural crown (the tooth enamel) gets damaged and needs to be restored. However, some of the following signs also teel the need for a dental crown:

Worn teeth. When a tooth is significantly worn down due to grinding or erosion (usually due to bruxism) dental crowns are usually a way to restore their former appearance. However, in these cases, the use of a dental guard and the change of habits are also important to stop future grinding.

Weak teeth. When teeth start becoming weakened, a dental crown is a good solution to get a better appearance and durability.

Broken/ cracked/ chipped teeth. When teeth get damaged, they tend to lose their shape, coloration, and functionality. That is why in these cases a dental crown is the best restorative option available.

Large fillings. Dental crowns cover teeth with large fillings that have no tooth structure left at all.


Types of dental crowns

There are different types of materials that are used to make dental crowns. However, we are going to cover the most popular ones in today’s dentistry.

All-porcelain crowns. These are the most popular in today’s dentistry. These crowns are completely made of porcelain, which gives them an attractive aesthetical look in comparison to other options. However, they are usually weaker than other options, which needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a specific crown.

Porcelain fused-to-metal crowns (PFM). They are also widely popular due to their structure that provides both strength and aesthetical finish due to both their metal and porcelain combination. However, a con to have in mind is that there can be a little grey line in the gums due to the metallic base of the crown.

Zirconia crowns. Are a new option in the market that offer the advantages of both porcelain and metal options, since they offer the strength of metal options while maintaining the looks of a pure porcelain crown. They have gained popularity quickly, but they tend to cost more than other options.

Where to get dental crowns in the metro area of Phoenix?

If you are looking for a dental office to get your crown treatment done, you can come to Somos Dental.

You can contact us through our phone number 623-232-0856, or through our other different contact options, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and you can even fillour online form to get a free diagnostic appointment! We have dental offices in Downtown Phoenix, Laveen, Desert, Sky Mall, Avondale, and Camelback.

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