How to have a summer smile

As people continue to get vaccinated and wearing masks is no longer obligatory, some people want to achieve a summer smile to show off to their friends and family. Achieving a summer smile is not an easy thing; however, you can follow some of the next tips to get a summer-worthy smile to show off.

Stay hydrated

Summer being here means that you need to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is good for the whole body, including the brain, skin, and even teeth. Drinking enough water throughout the day helps to rinse off any bacteria build-up. However, you need to make sure that you are drinking pure plain water. Pop sodas, teas, and even coffee can stain your teeth and prevent you from achieving a white summer smile.

Keep a good oral hygiene

The best way to achieve a white and beautiful smile is by keeping good oral hygiene habits. Brushing after each meal and flossing before going to bed is the best way to achieve a stunning smile. Failing to do so appropriately can turn teeth yellow and help to develop cavities and bad breath.

Eat healthier

As stated above, certain foods, drinks, and substances can prevent you from achieving a summer smile. This does not mean that you need to completely cut some of these foods from your diet (only tobacco). It means that you need to limit them and brush your teeth after consuming them.


Protect your smile when doing summer activities

Summer is the perfect season to try new physical activities. However, some of these activities can put your smile in danger if it is not properly protected. You can try to buy a mouthguard at most supermarkets for cheap and prevent having to pay thousands of dollars in reconstructive surgery due to an accident.

Consider cosmetic dental treatments

Treatments such as teeth whitening (bleaching), gingivectomy, and more can help patients unlock the full potential of their smiles.

Visit your dentist

Lastly, visiting your dentist at least twice a year helps to prevent any oral health issues in the long run. Your dentist can also recommend a bleaching or whitening treatment to get a shiny and stunning smile for this summer.

Where to achieve a summer smile in the Phoenix Metro area?

Even when the former tips do wonders to achieve and keep a stunning summer smile, you can contact us at Somos Dental for cosmetic treatments to help you show off the best possible smile. You can either fill our online form or call us at 623-300-2656 to get a free first appointment. You can also find us at any of our six locations at Downtown Phoenix, Mesa, Camelback, Desert Sky Mall, Laveen, and Avondale.

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