What is the broken tooth extraction procedure like?

Everyone wants to keep their natural teeth for their whole life. However, there can be accidents and circumstances that can lead your dentist to recommend the removal of a broken tooth. 

A broken tooth extraction procedure is usually advised when there is dental trauma, disease, and crowding that jeopardizes your dental and overall health. Therefore, if you think that you may need immediate dental assistance, you need to read the following information.

How teeth break

Teeth can break due to various reasons. The most common ones include biting on hard pieces of food, accidents around the mouth area, and bad dental habits that can lead to weak teeth.

When do I need to extract a tooth?

An extraction is the last option when a tooth has no realistic chances of surviving. It also helps to prevent dental infections and any additional damage. When your tooth is damaged beyond repair, dental crowns or fillings cannot fix the problem, meaning that the only option is an extraction procedure.

The extraction Procedure

For the extraction, the dentist will follow the next steps.

  • An incision cut is made in the gums to have better access to the root and jawbone.
  • A tool is used to separate the remaining gum from the tooth.
  • The dentist uses forceps to remove the pieces.
  • The area gets stitched if necessary.
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Does the extraction hurt?

A broken tooth should only be extracted under local or general anesthesia. So a broken tooth extraction does not hurt. However, after the dental extraction, you need to follow certain indications for appropriate recovery.

How much does it cost to extract a broken tooth?

Extraction costs depend on whether you have insurance or not. It also depends on the extraction procedure (simple or surgical) and tooth type (molar, wisdom, or front). If a patient does not have medical insurance, the extraction price can be higher. A simple extraction costs around $150 to $200. A surgical extraction goes from $250 to $500. That is why at Somos Dental, we offer financing and payment options that let people get their dental treatment while also taking care of their finances.

How much time does it take to recover after an extraction?

After a broken tooth extraction procedure, your dentist will give you instructions to achieve a proper recovery. Some of these instructions include a soft food diet, rest, and prescription painkillers. If you follow your dentist’s indications, you will be able to immediately go back to your regular life and start eating normally again as soon as one week after the procedure.

Where to extract a broken tooth in Phoenix?

If you think that you broke a tooth, you need to go to an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Try calling Somos Dental, at Somos Dental we always have an emergency dentist ready to look at any emergency. The number 623-469-8815 is always going to be answered by someone. If your problem is not considered a dental emergency, you can fill our online form that includes free X-rays and a free diagnostic appointment. 

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